World War Z: Brandneuer „Dynamischer Schwarm“-Trailer & Alle freischaltbaren Erfolge im Überblick

Das kooperative vier-Spieler-gegen-hunderte-Zombies-Actionspiel World War Z kann bekanntlich ab sofort vorbestellt werden und erscheint, inklusive kostenlosen Bonusmissionen, am 16. April 2019 für PlayStation 4 und Xbox One im Handel.

Am heutigen Donnerstag (04. April 2019) haben wir nicht nur einen brandneuen Trailer für euch, der einen dynamischen Schwarm Untoter in Aktion zeigt, sondern auch die insgesamt 35 Erfolge im Überblick. Sofern ihr alle Aufgaben meistert, erwarten euch insgesamt 1000 Gamerscore-Punkte.

NameBeschreibung Gamerscore
SpecialistOpen and buy all perks in one specialization20
HandymanOpen and buy all perks in game50
There are many guns but this one is mineOpen and buy final version of any weapon20
Imposing arsenalOpen and buy final versions of all weapons50
EscapeFinish episode "New York" on any difficulty20
HopeFinish episode "Jerusalem" on any difficulty20
Salvation of the MotherlandFinish episode "Moscow" on any difficulty20
This is just the beginningFinish all episodes on any difficulty35
Well, what did you achieve?Finish all episodes on hardest difficulty50
High cautionFinish any level without dealing friendly damage35
Strong immunityFinish any level without using health packs35
The most effective wayFinish any level using just pistol35
TeamworkFinish any level with full team20
GenocideKill 10,000 zombies20
Sport killsKill Lurker midair35
ToreroKill Bull during charge35
Can't fool meKill 20 lying zombies before they get up20
Chain reactionHit 10 zombies with one tazer shot35
ToxicomaniacWalk into toxic cloud 100 times20
BurglarOpen 15 rooms or containers with breaching charge20
Friend of machinesCapture 15 turrets20
ExplosiveKill 10 zombies with balloon explosions35
The floor is lavaBurn 10 zombies with one gasoline puddle35
BuilderBuild 100 defences20
Waste of timeDefuse 10 mines20
VeteranFinish 25 PvP matches in any mode20
Winner in lifeFinish PvP match with highest score in any mode35
OwnerCapture the point and hold it until the end of the match in "Swarm Domination" mode35
Walking bankGather 200 resources during single match in scavenge raid mode35
First AidRescue 30 incapacitated teammates20
What the doctor orderedHeal 30 teammates with health lower than 20% with health packs or stim pistol20
DispenserDispense 10 explosive ammo packs to teammates20
I am safe!Use masking grenade on 3 teammates with zombies near35
Effective communicationMark special zombies 50 times20
MadmanFinish 100 games in PvE35



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