Tom Clancy’s The Division 2: Vorerst keine Änderungen am Schwierigkeitsgrad des Raids + Ausblick auf Title Update 3.1

Anfang der Woche berichteten wir darüber, dass viele Beschwerden bezüglich des Schwierigkeitsgrades des ersten 8-Spieler-Raids in der Geschichte von Tom Clancy’s The Division geäußert wurden, zumindest was die Konsolen-Fassung anbelange.

Anschließend wurde kommuniziert, dass Ubisoft es nicht ausschließe, dass es im Bereich des Möglichen liege, künftig Anpassungen an der Raid-Schwierigkeit auf Konsolen vorzunehmen. Doch dem scheint vorerst nicht so, denn Community Developer Chris Gansler hat sich diesbezüglich nun wie folgt in einem Video geäußert:

„Wir haben Gerüchte gehört, dass wir den Schwierigkeitsgrad des Raids ändern werden. Derzeit gibt es keine Pläne, dies zu tun. Wir wissen, dass der Raid auf Konsolen schwieriger ist, aber wir sind zufrieden damit, so wie es aktuell ist.“

Mittlerweile haben mehr als 7.000 PC-Spieler den Raid abgeschlossen, weniger als 200 haben es auf Konsolen geschafft. Es bleibt daher abzuwarten, ob sich diesbezüglich nicht doch noch etwas tut. Im Rahmen des Title Updates 3.1 wird es jedoch noch nicht so weit sein, denn nachfolgend findet ihr einen Ausblick auf die Änderungen der nächsten Aktualisierung.

Bislang bekannte Änderungen für das Title Update 3.1

Title Update 3.1

Currently, we have no specific date for the next update. But they highlighted some fixes that are planned to be released with TU 3.1.

Planed fixes

  • The rushing behavior of the NPCs is not an old bug, but a combination of new ones that were not caught on PTS. Some aspects of that issue will be addressed with 3.1, others will be addressed down the road.

  • The scaling of the different Masks will also be fixed in 3.1.

  • Looting as junk will return in 3.1.

  • Rate of fire for semi-automatic weapons will also be addressed in 3.1.

Title Update 4

There is more content coming with Title Update 4. Currently, we have no specific date for that update.

  • Specialization 4 will be added to the game with TU4

  • More details will follow later

  • There will also be a PTS for Title Update 4

Known Issues

These are some of the mentioned Known Issues that they are currently working on:

Week 1 Raid Arm Patch

There is currently an issue, that some players did not get the patch for the first-week raid completion. That will be addressed in tomorrow’s maintenance so that everybody that completed the raid in the first week will get the arm patch.

Roosevelt Island Progress Blocker

  • The ropes that would not come down on hard difficulty were already fixed last week

  • The C4 is in random boxes, so when it is not in the box that you expect – look around in the area.

  • The C4 situation will be improved down the road.

Weapons going invisible.

  • This bug has been reproduced in internal tests and should be fixed soon.

  • Workaround: Swapping between weapons can sometimes help, unequipping and re-equipping the weapon can also resolve this.

Weapons seemingly not doing damage.

  • This seems to happen if players try reloading and switching weapons at the same time.

  • A fix has not yet been found.

  • Workaround: Reloading the weapon again should resolve this.

Not being able to progress to World Tier 5

  • Some players are not able to progress to WT5 despite having successfully finished Tidal Basin and all other requirements.

  • This issue has been fixed and will be implemented as soon as possible.

Sound issues

  • Reports about sound issues have been a little less detailed. In order to properly address them, the development team needs players experiencing these issues to report them on the tech support forums with as much information about the issue as possible (including things like headset make and model).

  • One known issue is that sound stops working for a few seconds, and then all sound is played back immediately, causing an overlap of sound. A fix is currently being investigated.

Stuck in a loop when starting the game

Some players in Asia are stuck in a loop when starting the game and not being able to download/start the patch process.

  • The issue is currently being investigated with high priority.

  • This may be caused by non-Latin lettering on the installation folders.

  • Workaround: Players can try to rename their The Division 2 folder(s) to only include Latin letters.



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