The Sinking City: Die insgesamt 29 Erfolge des Action-Adventures im Detail

In wenigen Tagen ist es so weit, genauer gesagt am 28. Juni 2019, dann erscheint das düstere Action-Adventure The Sinking City für Xbox One. Heute können wir euch die Erfolge des Titels präsentieren. Insgesamt könnt ihr 1000 Gamerscore-Punkte freischalten, die auf 29 Erfolge aufgeteilt sind.

I'm Out of HereLeave the city and the world to their fate.75
The Stars are RightEnd the Cycle.75
Leap of FaithRestart the Cycle.75
Dodge ThisDefeat a little girl without playing fair.75
The End Justifies the MeansKill the priestess.30
Still SaltyKill the archeologist.30
What Could Go Wrong?Have a ritual conducted on you.30
Not Too Deep for MeStudy all the frescoes in the Temple of Dagon.15
Sic Semper TyrannisDethrone the patriarch.30
Use ProtectionChallenge the horror of the Redemption Church.15
Compliments to the ChefHelp the professor with his plan.15
ReanimatorSatisfy curiosity.15
Deep BreathGo below the surface for the first time.10
The Pleasure of Finding Things OutUse the intelligence archives in your investigation.10
Extra! Extra!Give an interview to the local newspaper.15
First, Do No HarmAgree to the experimental treatment.15
Hook, Line, and SinkerSolve your first case in Oakmont.10
Tempting FateHave your fortune read.10
Brutal HonestyBetray the warehouse guard's trust.15
Et Tu, Brutus?Punish the upstart.30
It's a Kind of MagicAsk the Imperial Wizard to show you a magic trick.75
Crime, No PunishmentKill the old lady.30
Double TapFinally commit the crime you were accused of.30
Damage ControlPrevent the last self-immolation.30
No Honor Among ThievesTake Sidney's stash. You monster.15
Family ReunionUphold your agreement with Robert.30
Both WorldsHumor a grieving mother.75
All Sewn UpBanish Granny Weaver.30
All Evidence CollectedComplete every challenge the city of Oakmont has to offer.90



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